About Me

I’ve lived on both sides of the Pacific, and I live in a multicultural household. I’m Filipino and Spanish, my wife is Sicilian and Polish, and our son is an interesting mix of east and west. I am fortunate to be the product of a Jesuit education, a childhood home that chose English to be its first language, and a family that requires me daily to reconcile my eastern roots with western life.

December 2007: Jordan in Manila

December 2007: Debbie's first tricycle ride

I write at work and I blog at home, about the work I do, the events and things that I experience, the food and drinks I explore, my family and friends.

March 2010: Kato - The living room is off-limits

I’ve worked for a parking lot operator, a leading edge technology company, an international magazine, and the office of the president of the Philippines. I’ve eaten frog legs on the slopes of Mayon volcano, attended a wedding in Alajuela (Costa Rica), gone shopping in Hong Kong, and hiked in Yosemite. I watch Leverage, Mythbusters, Top Gear, and – occasionally – WowWowWee. I listen to classical music, news talk radio, top 40, and alternative rock. I ski, read whodunits, assemble jigsaw puzzles,  and walk my 105-pound moose of a dog. I enjoy fine wines, single-malt scotches, unusual liqueurs, and interesting beers; I believe life’s too short for bad wines or boring beers. I enjoy everyday and “discovery” foods, the therapy and excitement of cooking, the challenge and satisfaction of eating well.



  1. Hi Manila 58! This is a great website. I have been following you on Twitter and like the information I can pick. I am thrilled to make friends with fellow foodies who are of Filipino descent! I live in NJ with my husband, and have 2 grown sons who live in Philly. We are regular foodies and traipse around the tri-state area in search of food finds, new places to eat, foodshop and anything food related. I have 2 food blogs:
    http://www.queensnotebook.com – featuring best recipes I learned from my Mom
    http://www.asianinamericamag.com – focusing on my Filipino heritage and feature Filipino and Asian recipes. May I also feature your blog on my blog roll? Good luck & more power! Catch you on the networks!

    • Thank you! I’m always happy to meet another Filipino and look forward to learning from your blogs. I’m flattered you find mine helpful. Hope to keep in touch! – Louie

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