Posted by: East and West | 2011/08/23

Argentine-style Beef Short Ribs

Here’s the other half of the chimichurri party, inspired by the entree at Rustic at the Coppola winery in Geyserville. Short ribs are one of those cuts that cooks and families have discovered in the past decade, and their prices have steadily risen during the past five or so years. These days I buy them on sale because I enjoy chewing on the tendons that surround the bones. Short ribs are not consistently the most tender cut you can buy, so we slow-roast them after searing them on the grill. Complement with a Malbec, Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon.

4 lbs. meaty beef short ribs
2 T salt
1 T black pepper
½ t cayenne pepper
Juice of 4 limes

Combine the salt and peppers, then rub on the beef ribs. Marinate in the lime juice, refrigerated and covered, for 3 to 8 hours.

Heat grill to 550-600°F. Place ribs on the grill directly from the refrigerator and sear, about 2 minutes on each side. Place ribs bone side down in a roasting pan and cover with foil. Slow-cook ribs in the oven at 250°F for 1½ hours.

Plan on consuming ¾ lb. per person, maybe more. Serve with Chimichurri Sauce.




  1. […] I’d heard and read about chimichurri sauce, and not tasted it until I ordered the Argentine-style short ribs at Rustic, the Coppola winery restaurant in Geyserville, last year. Then I was hooked and had to learn how to make it. My wife and I tasted our way through my effort to combine several online recipes. I found that the ingredient that catalyzed the flavor and made all the difference was the olive oil. I’ve used the estate-grown olive oil from Rodrigue Molyneaux winery in Livermore with delicious results. A good complement to grilled steaks, Deep-fried Beef Ribs, other meats, and, of course, Argentine-style Beef Short Ribs. […]

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