Posted by: East and West | 2011/07/17

Kiss a Frog, Find a Wine

Who was it that said that you need to kiss a few frogs to find a princess? Unfortunately I went through that process recently to find a good bottle of wine in our collection on short notice.

My wife and I were watching Vine Talk on PBS one weekend afternoon, triggering the hunt for a nice glass of vino to enjoy with the show. I knew I had three(!) vacuum-sealed partial bottles in the refrigerator, so I pulled those out first. No dice. They’d already gone South. Then I tried a couple of bottles from our stash. Bottle number one, alas, had also turned. The second was, thankfully, drinkable.

The bottle was a 2004 Castle Rock Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. We didn’t know how we acquired it, how long we had had it or what it cost. It was a pleasant surprise and could be a nice Tuesday night wine.

The top note on the nose was purple – blackberry and plum. There was a hint of green – celery. On the palate, the primary flavors were cloves, with a bit of star anise and cumin. The tannins were quite relaxed and, as the wine breathed, we found more plum.

I did a little research on this bottle. I still don’t know where this bottle came from or when it showed up. Red Laser scanned the bottle’s bar code and found the 2009 vintage, with a Napa Valley appellation, for just $7.99 at Wines Anywhere. Quite a value. It was also a lesson in keeping a better catalog of our wine collection.

So this 2004 Cabernet isn’t a princess who can invite me to a royal ball. It’s more like a duchess who’s hosting a viewing party. And, thanks to the technology of the DVR, we enjoyed this wine with Vine Talk.


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