Posted by: East and West | 2011/02/10

In the Kitchen: Pasta Crisps

My mother showed me how to experiment in the kitchen, as she frequently assembled a snack or a meal using ingredients that were available at the moment. I’m glad I acquired the confidence to try combinations that made sense only in my head.

When you have the munchies you have an opportunity to experiment. This afternoon I needed the sound of crunching in my head. I wasn’t in the mood for potato chips and there were no shrimp crisps in the cupboard.

I did have a partial box of whole grain pasta. In fact, I’d had some leftovers for lunch with my wife’s excellent Bolognese and grated romano cheese. So I set out to make some pasta crisps.

I boiled a cup of whole grain penne pasta, then drained it and left it out to dry for about 30 minutes. I deep-fried the penne till they were crisp and dusted them with garlic and cheddar cheese powders.

Not earth-shaking but they did the trick. Crunch!


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