Posted by: East and West | 2010/02/23

Good Night!

My forehead and temples ache. My eyes are watering. My ears are ringing and I feel a sharp, stabbing pain when I swallow. My nose is just runny enough to be annoying, and each time I sniffle I cough. My jaw has been popping regularly and it’s hard to open my mouth wide. Every time I roll my head around and from side to side I hear my neck popping. My throat feels like it’s swollen and it hurts each time I swallow. My shoulders, back and elbows ache. I feel the need to pop the joints in my wrists and my hands constantly.

I took an interesting pill cocktail this evening after dinner:
• 2 Metformins
• 1 Lopid
• 1 statin
• 2 ibuprofens
• 1 decongestant
• 1 antihistamine
• 6-500mg vitamin Cs

It’s been a long day. I’m going to bed. I have to be up by 4:40 a.m. to join my carpool to work.

Good night!


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