Posted by: East and West | 2009/10/22

Barbecue Sauce

There are a lot of barbecue sauces on the market. But I get a kick out of mixing my own, using ingredients that just about everyone has in the kitchen.

1 ½ C ketchup (Diabetics may use sugar-free ketchup.)

½ C packed brown sugar (Diabetics may use artificial sweetener.)

1 t dry mustard

½ t garlic powder

2 T Worcestershire sauce

2 T dried onion flakes

1 t rosemary

½ t smoke flavoring

1 t chili powder

Combine all ingredients. Adjust flavors to taste.

Try this sauce in my Slow-cooked Country Pork Ribs recipe.

Note: Use this sauce only for cooking. Do not eat it uncooked.

To make this sauce into a table dip: Place assembled sauce in a sauce pan. Add ½ cup of water. Stir well and bring to a gentle boil over medium-high heat, then reduce heat. Simmer until volume is reduced to approximately 2 cups, stirring frequently to avoid scorching.


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