Posted by: East and West | 2009/10/10

An (Almost) Immaculate Cookie

We’ve become a family hooked on dessert. We need a sweet finish to our evening. Not right after dinner, but about a half hour later when our taste buds have gotten over the flavors at the table and are now crying out for a sweet treat.

Since I was diagnosed as diabetic approximately a year ago, dessert has become a major challenge. Dessert means carbs, carbs mean a higher blood sugar count. Even fruit is not spared scrutiny, since there is so much sugar in fruit. Sugar-free or low-carb dessert or snack foods are not easy to find.

A few nights ago, we stopped in at our neighborhood grocery store to browse the dessert selections. We found a little gem among the cold packaged cookie mixes: Triple Chocolate u-bake cookies from Immaculate Baking Company (

What caught my eye (after the promise of three! different forms of chocolate) was a claim on the package: No high-fructose corn syrup. The nutritional breakdown on the back of the package said that each serving of two cookies held 18g of carbs – within a reasonable range if I was conscientious of the carbs I was eating with dinner.

The  dough was easy enough to break into cubes, although I would have preferred the scoring between the cubes to be a bit deeper. That would have made the finished cookies more even in size and doneness. Once out of the oven, we placed the cookie sheet on our counter to cool for about 10 minutes, and found that they were easy to lift off with a spatula. Like any other ready-to-bake cookies they were done in less than half an hour.

The finished cookies were approximately two inches across and about a quarter inch thick. They looked dark and rich. They tasted dark and rich. The two-cookie serving size was just right, satisfying my craving for chocolate.


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