Posted by: East and West | 2009/06/12

KRXQ: The Apology


Earlier today I listened to the iTunes recording of the first 15 minutes of the June 11 edition of the Rob, Arnie & Dawn morning show. Here are a few soundbytes from Rob Williams’ opening monologue:

“We were told by our fans…”

“Our tone and delivery made it seem…that we tolerate harming a child.”

“If…you are demanding that everyone sees the world the way that you do…this is not the show for you.”

“This show is and will continue to be about honest debate and discussion in an attempt to open everyone’s mind, including ours.”

I credit Williams for making the on-air apology and for acknowledging that they had fallen down on their responsibility as broadcasters. He emphasized that the driving force for the on-air apology was comments they received from their fans and regular listeners. He took the stand that extremists who either demanded that the show be left blameless because of their free speech rights or that it should be taken off the air because the hosts deal with controversial topics would not be satisfied.

It’s too bad they moved into a “proper” interview with a transgender. The discussion was calm, subdued, and not quite the same as the show their regular listeners are accustomed to hearing. I think they should have launched into a discussion about yet another controversial topic – body art in the corporate world, for example – with abandon and energy.

The interview with a transgender should have been postponed to another day. It came across as staged and it made them appear to pander to forces outside the show. It belabored the point and dulled it.

Again, I wonder who the true victors and losers will be.

(For the original blog post on KRXQ, go to KRXQ: Firestorm on the Air.)


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