Posted by: East and West | 2009/05/17

There’s a new doctor in the house

We spent the afternoon and evening at a friend’s house celebrating his daughter’s graduation. Erica is now a doctor of physical therapy. Quite an accomplishment, earning a doctorate before you turn 30. Too bad Erica’s mother didn’t see her daughter reach this point in her academic career — she died of cancer two years ago. I’m sure she would have been very proud.

Erica’s father, with the help of his lady friend, put on quite a party. BBQ’d burgers, salads, drinks. We brought some veggies and grilled them there, as our share of the party. We met some of Erica’s friends and hung out with the other parental figures in attendance — my brother and his wife, a couple who started out as our friends and who now are also friends with everyone else, a neighborhood couple.

The atmosphere was relaxed, the generations mingled, and everyone somehow found a way to deal with the heat. A happy time, a great reason to celebrate.

Congratulations Doctor Erica!


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