Posted by: East and West | 2009/05/15


On the drive home today I heard a Kaiser healthcare commercial that talked about optimism in medicine. Allison Janney (Isn’t she their spokesperson? The voice certainly sounds like her.) talked about the optimism that although cures for cancer and AIDS aren’t available, their doctors were optimistic that 1) the cures are there and 2) they would discover them.

I guess Kaiser’s optimism paid off. I recalled their message, even if I don’t recall the exact words. Researchers would debate whether my recall should be stronger or weaker because Kaiser is my health insurance provider. And I’m not sure if I am more or less sensitive to commercials because I’m in the communications business. I am a bit surprised this commercial stuck in my mind because of the traffic that should have occupied the lion’s share of my attention when it aired.

So I, too, must be an optimist. Every time I write and distribute a news release I believe 1) that the reporters and editors in my universe will read it and 2) some of them will actually use the information. Of the thousands of words I spin off each year, enough are snatched and published to satisfy my bosses and convince them that I bring value to the organization. Enough to encourage me to use that goodwill to try to add something new, say something differently, or send something in a different direction the next time I have a story to tell.

Enough to be optimistic.


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